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Must-Have Emergency Tools You Should Have In Your Car


Your car can decide to break down at any time, and there’s no telling, especially if you drive a really old vehicle. The reasons could range from something as simple as a dead battery to something as fatal as an engine failure.

Having tools can also help you if you meet with an accident. In this article, we’ll go through a list of tools that you have to have in your car without fail.

1. Fire extinguisher

There’s no doubt that you need to get away from your car as soon as possible in the event of your car catching fire. But in situations where your vehicle catches a minor fire, it is best to tackle them with the help of a fire extinguisher. This will help you save your vehicle from being exposed to a fire capable of letting the car blow up.

2. First Aid Kit

A regular first aid kit in a car should contain items such as bandages, antibiotics, gloves and also ointments. There are many other things that must be inside a first aid kit, but for now, these will do the trick.

First aid

3. Snowbrush

When the weather gets freezing, your windshield might get covered with a thick layer of snow which would require the use of a brush. Hence, it is wise to carry a small brush that will help you do precisely this.

4. Sand

Although carrying sand may sound dumb, it’ll be particularly useful during times where the rear tire is caught up in the snow. Placing the sand in the trunk will help in increasing the traction. You can also substitute sand with salt or even kitty litter. To specifically combat traction issues, you can always purchase a traction mat.


5. Gas container

Since the most critical resource that you can have as a car owner is gasoline, you need to have an empty container that you can store gas in when you run out of gas while on the road. Although buying a huge gas container is alright, it is vital, and this can prove dangerous in the event of a fire.

6. Jumper cables

There will be times when you need to jump start your dead battery. In order to do this, you need to carry jumper cables at all times. But you also need a portable battery charger to jump the battery with. Even if you do not find any use with your jumper cable, you will find someone that is in dire need of one while on the road.

Best Car Tips

Car Tips

As car owners, we all would love to avoid a trip to the mechanic. But maintaining the vehicle can be incredibly daunting, and in this article, we look at some tips that will help you keep your car in top condition.

1. Car wash

It is best to avoid washing your car at home since you’ll be wasting a lot of water than what is really required. There are also more chances that you’ll cause damages such as scratches on the body than when you give the car for a professional car wash.

2. Windshield rainproofing

You need to replace your windshield at least every three months so that your visibility isn’t hampered. This is also a recommendation that is given by the car manufacturers. If you cannot afford this, you can always take care of the windshield by applying products such as Rain Clear. Doing so will help the wipers become more efficient. Apply the product every couple of weeks. If you live in an area where you receive adequate rainfall, this need not be done all that much.

Windshield rainproofing

3. Seat position

When the seat is positioned at a higher place, drivers get the feeling of driving slowly. In order to avoid this, you need to position the seat at a lower height, especially if you driver larger vehicles such as an SUV. When driving vehicles such as these, you’re more prone to roll and if the height makes you feel as if you’re going slow, the chances that the vehicle will roll would be extremely high.

4. Distractions

It is essential to keep your eyes on the road whenever you drive. This is because the vehicle is more likely to gravitate towards what the eye is seeing. Hence, it is a bad idea to change your radio station or dial your phone while driving since you’d be extremely distracted. The risk of a crash increases by nine times if you’re reaching for a moving object while driving. Texting increases the chances of crashing by a staggering 23 times. The above reasons should be enough to discourage you from multitasking while driving.


5. Steering position

Make sure that your hands are at the right positions when you’re behind the steering wheel. You need to be in a position where you are able to rest your wrists over the steering wheel. It is also essential not to tightly hold the steering wheel since you can snap your fingers in an accident. You can instead have your thumb on the wheel.

When to Use Professional Car Detailing Services

car detailing services

Is Car Detailing Worth Investing In?—Understanding How This Car Care Technique Works

Let’s face it, regular washing can only do so much for your vehicle. While it can help get rid of excess dust, mud, and salts, it cannot preserve your vehicle’s brand new appearance forever. Soon, stubborn dirt from daily driving will make your vehicle look unattractively old. In fact, washing, itself, may contribute to deterioration if not performed properly. What you need in order to reinstate your vehicle’s exquisiteness is a professional car detailing service.

Car detailing takes car care to a whole new level as it covers every inch of a vehicle’s interior and exterior. Unlike car washing, which involves no more than shampooing and rinsing of the exterior surface, car detailing involves a series of cutting-edge techniques and the use of specialized cleaning agents and equipment, each of which is intended to deal with a particular type of dirt or area inside and outside of the vehicle that needs cleaning and restoring.

So what is included in car detailing? Before you take your vehicle for car detailing, make sure that you have an extra means of transportation for the rest of the day as the procedure may take several hours to finish. Inspecting every nook and cranny alone can take a while since the detailer wont want to miss any grubby spots.

Depending on the service provider, car detailing may include floor carpet and mat shampooing, leather treatment, interior and trunk vacuuming, custom wheel cleaning, and fabric protection, and that’s just for the interior. Exterior detailing may include tire dressing, headlight restoration, glass treatment, and wax protection. They can even go as far as engine cleaning to make sure your vehicle is brand new clean to the last detail.

Coat Protection

One of the highlights of a car detailing service is the application of coat protection. This gives the exterior of a vehicle an extra shield against the elements, consequently prolonging its pristine look. Most of the trusted car detailing companies use superior car paint protection products for optimal results such as Opti-Coat. You can even determine the quality of a car detailing service based on the type of car paint protection product used.

Opti-Coat Pro+ is a coat protection that is CSIRO tested and proven to tough Australian Standards. It is also tested and approved by Boeing, the world’s largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners, defence and space and security systems. They use it on most of their products as well.

Made from the most powerful solutions, this agent can dramatically increase your car exterior’s gloss and significantly reduce scratches. It is also hydrophobic and water repelling, which helps keep waterborne contaminants from sticking on your vehicle’s surface. When you take your vehicle offroad, you can expect it to be fully safeguarded from things like the elements, as well as bird and bat droppings.

Give your vehicle a break from the everyday wear and tear. Take it to a car detailing shop for the cleaning and care of a lifetime. Driving an immaculate-looking vehicle gives you confidence on the road and extra pride when you park side by side with other more upscale vehicles.

Car Maintenance Tips

Car maintenance

It is essential to maintain your car in order to keep it running at its peak. That is why you need to routinely inspect your vehicle as it will help in the reduction of repair costs in the future.

Regular maintenance can help increase the efficiency of the care as well as improve its life. In this article, we look at tips that will help you maintain your car.

1. Battery

A battery is required in order to start the engine, and once the car is running, the battery is recharged by the alternator so that it is ready when the time comes for the next start. In order to maintain your car’s battery, you need to clean the battery. It is also advisable to keep the battery as secure as possible so that it isn’t subjected to vibrations. The terminals of the battery, as well as the water levels, should be checked from time to time.

2. Emission

The emission system that comes installed with any car is extensive. It refines, analyses and also leads them to a damper which then reduces the noise. Since most emission systems are installed on the bottom, they undergo a lot of physical damage that may need immediate attention, and because of this, the efficiency may take a turn for the worse. This is the reason why you need to inspect the emission systems as frequently as once a year.


3. Air conditioning

There are components in the climate control system that requires it to work all year long which aid in the heating as well as the cooling procedures. Not only does the system aid in improving the quality of air, but it also increases the driveability. The air conditioning systems are a lot like a refrigerator as the Freon released through the vents absorb all the heat present inside the car. These particles are then pushed out through the grills which are placed in front of the vehicle. When the air isn’t cold enough or isn’t as cool as it used to be, the chances of there being a leak in very high.

4. Coolants

In order to keep your engine from overheating, there are certain coolants that are used. To determine what coolants would suit your engine, it is best to consult a mechanic. It is also advisable to inspect the cooling system before adding more coolant since there might be a couple of wear and tear that the system may have sustained. Be sure to check the hoses as well as the tank.

Steps that will help you protect your engine

Car engine

If you’re like me, then you probably would’ve never checked your engine after you have purchased your car. But thankfully, it has only been a while since I got mine.

This is usually the case with most car owners and, there’s no need for me to say this but, this is extremely harmful to the engine as well as the car. Most of us only realize that our engines are off when we hear something odd.

In this article, we’ll discuss a few ways through which you can protect your engine.

1. Oil changes

Oil changes are vital, and it keeps all the essential parts of the engine well lubed. It is critical to do so because oiling the engine will reduce the changes of the engine overheating and in turn, cause damage to the engine. Each car will have its own specification as to when you’d have to change the oil. On average, you need to change every 8000km. This figure will vary from engine to engine. In order to be sure, inquire with your car’s manufacturer to get the best picture.

Oil changes

2. Airflow

Air is as essential to the functioning of a vehicle as fuel, and because of this, a constant flow of air into the car’s engine is mandatory. You also need to check the air filters as they often get clogged from all the accumulated dust. If it is clogged, you need to replace them immediately. How frequently the filters get clogged depends on the conditions of the road as well as how you drive. But in actuality, a filter is supposed to last for a very long time, and in the event of the filter getting clogged, it can let in a lot of junk that is unwanted.

3. Fuel Tank

Your fuel tank, after a certain amount of time, will have sediments left by gasoline at the bottom. Although the fuel filter can remove most of the particles, it won’t be of any help if you use up all the fuel, all the way down to zero as in the end, the sediments will be getting used up. This can be extremely harmful as these particles can cause vast amounts of damage to the engine. Some people insist on refueling when the tank is only half-empty. This isn’t required, but you should most definitely not let the fuel be entirely used up.


4. Leaks

Leaks can be spotted or smelled at any time. The most common culprits when it comes to leaks are oil and antifreeze. This is usually because of the excess heat produced by the engine which, in turn, melts the rubber hoses connected.

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