Must-Have Emergency Tools You Should Have In Your Car

Your car can decide to break down at any time, and there’s no telling, especially if you drive a really old vehicle. The reasons could range from something as simple as a dead battery to something as fatal as an engine failure.

Having tools can also help you if you meet with an accident. In this article, we’ll go through a list of tools that you have to have in your car without fail.

1. Fire extinguisher

There’s no doubt that you need to get away from your car as soon as possible in the event of your car catching fire. But in situations where your vehicle catches a minor fire, it is best to tackle them with the help of a fire extinguisher. This will help you save your vehicle from being exposed to a fire capable of letting the car blow up.

2. First Aid Kit

A regular first aid kit in a car should contain items such as bandages, antibiotics, gloves and also ointments. There are many other things that must be inside a first aid kit, but for now, these will do the trick.

First aid

3. Snowbrush

When the weather gets freezing, your windshield might get covered with a thick layer of snow which would require the use of a brush. Hence, it is wise to carry a small brush that will help you do precisely this.

4. Sand

Although carrying sand may sound dumb, it’ll be particularly useful during times where the rear tire is caught up in the snow. Placing the sand in the trunk will help in increasing the traction. You can also substitute sand with salt or even kitty litter. To specifically combat traction issues, you can always purchase a traction mat.


5. Gas container

Since the most critical resource that you can have as a car owner is gasoline, you need to have an empty container that you can store gas in when you run out of gas while on the road. Although buying a huge gas container is alright, it is vital, and this can prove dangerous in the event of a fire.

6. Jumper cables

There will be times when you need to jump start your dead battery. In order to do this, you need to carry jumper cables at all times. But you also need a portable battery charger to jump the battery with. Even if you do not find any use with your jumper cable, you will find someone that is in dire need of one while on the road.