When to Use Professional Car Detailing Services

Is Car Detailing Worth Investing In?—Understanding How This Car Care Technique Works

Let’s face it, regular washing can only do so much for your vehicle. While it can help get rid of excess dust, mud, and salts, it cannot preserve your vehicle’s brand new appearance forever. Soon, stubborn dirt from daily driving will make your vehicle look unattractively old. In fact, washing, itself, may contribute to deterioration if not performed properly. What you need in order to reinstate your vehicle’s exquisiteness is a professional car detailing service.

Car detailing takes car care to a whole new level as it covers every inch of a vehicle’s interior and exterior. Unlike car washing, which involves no more than shampooing and rinsing of the exterior surface, car detailing involves a series of cutting-edge techniques and the use of specialized cleaning agents and equipment, each of which is intended to deal with a particular type of dirt or area inside and outside of the vehicle that needs cleaning and restoring.

So what is included in car detailing? Before you take your vehicle for car detailing, make sure that you have an extra means of transportation for the rest of the day as the procedure may take several hours to finish. Inspecting every nook and cranny alone can take a while since the detailer wont want to miss any grubby spots.

Depending on the service provider, car detailing may include floor carpet and mat shampooing, leather treatment, interior and trunk vacuuming, custom wheel cleaning, and fabric protection, and that’s just for the interior. Exterior detailing may include tire dressing, headlight restoration, glass treatment, and wax protection. They can even go as far as engine cleaning to make sure your vehicle is brand new clean to the last detail.

Coat Protection

One of the highlights of a car detailing service is the application of coat protection. This gives the exterior of a vehicle an extra shield against the elements, consequently prolonging its pristine look. Most of the trusted car detailing companies use superior car paint protection products for optimal results such as Opti-Coat. You can even determine the quality of a car detailing service based on the type of car paint protection product used.

Opti-Coat Pro+ is a coat protection that is CSIRO tested and proven to tough Australian Standards. It is also tested and approved by Boeing, the world’s largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners, defence and space and security systems. They use it on most of their products as well.

Made from the most powerful solutions, this agent can dramatically increase your car exterior’s gloss and significantly reduce scratches. It is also hydrophobic and water repelling, which helps keep waterborne contaminants from sticking on your vehicle’s surface. When you take your vehicle offroad, you can expect it to be fully safeguarded from things like the elements, as well as bird and bat droppings.

Give your vehicle a break from the everyday wear and tear. Take it to a car detailing shop for the cleaning and care of a lifetime. Driving an immaculate-looking vehicle gives you confidence on the road and extra pride when you park side by side with other more upscale vehicles.